Ways To Denimize Your Kid’s Closet This Season

Declutter your child’s closet and create a cozy, organized wardrobe of season-ready threads and clothes. Start by removing out-of-season items and all excess clutter, then start sorting and redeeming clothes that are in good condition. Last, store and organize each item, from the newest additions to the all-time favorites. Whether it’s a summer dress or a winter coat, get your child excited about the new season with a fresh, decluttered closet!


The start of a new season is the perfect time to freshen up the kids’ closet and fill it with easy, comfortable and stylish items they will love. Our tips can help you simplify and declutter the children’s wardrobe, while making sure they have all the basics, as well as some fun new pieces to choose from. Read on to learn how to denimize your kid’s closet this season!
Ways To Denimize Your Kid’s Closet This Season

1. Creative Ways To Streamline Your Kid’s Closet

Maximize A Small Space – Even if your kids don’t have massive amounts of clothing and shoe storage, there’s plenty of creative ways to maximize a little space. Try using hooks on walls and tall closet doors as instant hang bars, or stack colorful bins, baskets, and garment boxes upon each other. Utilizing a variety of containers can organize items while making life easier.

Maintain The Clutter – The never-ending battle with closet organization can be a daunting task. To keep everything in check, implementing the following solutions can help you streamline the process:

  • Label all bins, boxes, and containers with descriptions and instructions for kids.
  • Keep matches, clothes, and colors together in a pile for easy sorting.
  • When shopping for clothes for kids, factor in the storage solution.
  • Don’t forget to hang up incoming items ASAP.

1. Creative Ways To Streamline Your Kid's Closet

2. Tips To Declutter and Maximize Space

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter clogging up your space? Not to worry – a few simple steps can make all the difference in transforming a cramped environment into a neat and organized zone.

Opt for multi-functional furniture A bed with drawers, a folding dining table or a storage ottoman – all of these pieces result in spaciousness and prevent clutter. This can also kill two birds with one stone when you’re investing in furniture.

Incorporate shelves Shelves can be a stylish way to store items while keeping them close and organized. Alternatively, look out for shelves that can be mounted on walls to give you even more floor space.

Solicit creative storage solutions Unconventional storage methods can drastically reduce clutter. Utilize the surface space of a kitchen counter – install a lid rack or stack up food tins for a splash of sophistication. Moreover, for an old-fashioned look, you could invest in old cabinets and trunks, which can double up as decorative elements and also hold your possessions.

Limit paper materials We’re living in the digital age, so hoarders should make more use of the virtual world to store their notes and documents. Apart from that, switch to notebooks, magazines and newspapers that can be electronically accessed via tablets and smartphones.

Go vertical Empty walls are often overlooked but can be effectively used to hang your essentials. From baskets to coat hangers, cork boards to cabinets – this is one of the smartest ways to maximize space while you declutter.

Box it up A box filled with miscellaneous items can prevent a messy outlook. Invest in containers or create a DIY box to store stationery, kids’ toys and other items. They’ll be easily accessible, but neatly tucked away!

3. Simple Storage Solutions for an Organized Closet

A cluttered closet is a source of stress for many people. To keep your space organized, there are many simple storage solutions. Here are a few easy ways to bring order to your closet:

  • Hanging Shoe Organizers. Keep your shoes tidy and easy to access with a hanging shoe organizer. It is an inexpensive and simple way to group your footwear neatly.
  • Drawer Dividers. Whether for clothing, accessories, or other bedroom items, drawer dividers are an ideal way to cluster items and provide easy access when selecting an outfit.
  • Over-the-Door Hooks. Hang jackets, bags and other items to avoid clutter with over-the-door hooks.
  • Closet Rods. If you have two or more closet rods, it helps keep everything hung in an orderly manner.

You can also hang baskets and wire-bins for added storage space. Clear-zipped bags can also make a great way to store out-of-season clothing. Each of these storage solutions is easy to implement and will help improve the overall look and feel of your closet.

4. Get Creative and Have Fun Denimizing Your Kid’s Closet This Season!

Mix and Match Denim Pieces
Adding a denim staple will amp up any style of clothing your kid is wearing. Look for ways to mix different shades of blue or even different styles of denim to create unique design details that truly stand out. Start with denim shorts or jeans, and add a denim vest or a denim shirt for an unexpected twist. Layer ripped, slim, straight or boyfriend jeans to create an eye-catching silhouette.

Accessorize and have Fun with Denim
Accessorize your denim look with bold colored shoes and other fun accessories. Play up the colorful appeal by pairing a bright red or yellow headband with a bright blue denim overall. If the weather’s cold, throw in a warm and cozy cardigan to complete the look. If the look is all blue, mix up sizes and textures to create visual interest. Top off this season’s denim looks with colorful sashes, scarves, jewelry, and tees to make an edgy, fresh statement.

  • Mix and match denim pieces
  • Accessorize and have fun with denim

By following a few simple steps, your kid’s closet can now be a great reflection of the family, the season, and your child’s changing style. Grab some boxes, boxes, scissors and move around the furniture and you will be on your way to having a stylistically successful wardrobe. With a little bit of dedication and creativity, you can have a fun, organized and aesthetically pleasing closet before you know it!

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