Give Your House And Closet A Pantone Summer Recipes

Give your house and closet a summery splash and enjoy Pantone’s latest recipes to jump-start your summer vibes. Brighten up your house with yellows, corals, and blues to match the scenery and add a cheerful, uplifting touch. Freshen up your wardrobe with an array of summer hues to express your sunny personality. Let’s get creative and give your home and wardrobe a Pantone summer makeover!


As the summer months approach, many of us are starting to think about how we can update our home and wardrobe to reflect the sunny days ahead. One of the most effective ways of adding a contemporary splash of summer style to any home or closet is by using Pantone colors. In this article, we will present you with some delicious Pantone summer recipes, enabling you to create the perfect visual palette for your home and wardrobe.
Give Your House And Closet A Pantone Summer Recipes

1. Brighten Up Your Home for Summer With Pantone Recipes

Summer is the perfect time of year to brighten up your home and give it a fresh new look. Pantone recipes are an ideal way to do just that! By following a few simple steps you can turn any drab room into a vibrant haven just in time for the warmer months. Here’s how:

  • Replace dull accents for more colorful ones – look for bright pillows, rugs, throws, and other accessories to make your space pop!
  • Lighten up your walls – use lighter hues or add a coat of paint in a pretty Pantone hue or two.
  • Go natural – add a touch of nature with plants, neutral-hued furniture and other organic elements.
  • Layer your lighting – use lamps, lanterns, sconces, and other light sources to create different levels of brightness.

These are just some of the ways you can incorporate Pantone recipes into your home. Have fun experimenting with different decorating styles and combine warm tones with cooler hues to truly add some character to your place. Ultimately, the goal here is to create a welcoming, cheerful atmosphere that you can enjoy all summer long!

1. Brighten Up Your Home for Summer With Pantone Recipes

2. Rejuvenate Your Closet With the Latest Pantone Shades

It’s time to give your closet a new jolt of life by introducing the hottest colors as they come into fashion this season. With the latest shades from Pantone, there are endless possibilities to spruce up your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  • Add a pop of color with bright statement pieces. A boldly patterned top or an eye-catching jacket is sure to add some new life to a dull outfit. Keep the colors fresh and dynamic for an unforgettable look.
  • Brighten up your workwear with a professional yet daring blazer. Pick a color with strong undertones and pair it with neutrals or basics for an enlivening effect.
  • Rejuvenate your informal look with fun, light, and summery shades. Make sure to use bright colors and textures in the summer, when you can really bring an alluring appeal to your everyday look.

Once you start experimenting with the Pantone shades, you’ll find that your wardrobe can become newly vibrant. Spice up your look, and you’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

3. Transform Your Living Space Into a Colorful Pantone Paradise

Bring your living space to life with Pantone inspired rainbow hues! The iconic color system has something for every taste: choose from bright and bold hues, calming pastels, or earthy tones.

Ready to start giving your living space a complete overhaul? Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Create an Accent Wall – Pick your favorite Pantone shade and make it the focus of your living room. Pair it with neutral colors to give the space a more finished look.
  • Add Trendy Vibes – Load your space with pops of Pantone. Throw pillows, rugs, framed artwork, and other inexpensive decorations can breathe a whole new energy into a room.
  • Go Bold – Need a major transformation? Paint your living room entirely in your favorite Pantone palette. It’s a surefire way to make a major statement.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to create the living space of your dreams. With the help of your favorite Pantone palettes, you can easily make over your living space into a rainbow paradise!

4. Enjoy Pantone’s Brightest Recipes To Get You Ready For Summer

These recipes are going to inject your summer with some extra brightness from Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Decorate your plates with some of the most vibrant and flavorful recipes out there!

Start by mixing some Ultimate Gray and Illuminating with some zesty lemon and herbs to create a Lightning-Lemon Marinade that you can pour on outdoor-grilled meats, making your next barbecue a zesty and electrifying experience. Or make a Strawberry Flambé that is sure to bring the party to life! Add some sparkling champagne to strawberries, transform them into a sweet, bubbly, and smoky dessert. Then, don’t forget the party’s light appetizers — make Illuminating Krab Salad Sliders for a delightful summer taste!

This summer, give your home and closet the Pantone recipe you’ve been craving. Need some inspiration? Look no further than Pantone’s official Color of the Year for 2016 – Serenity and Rose Quartz – for the perfect splash of trends to sweeten up your summer style. Your home’s summer makeover is just a few clicks and pops of color away. So don’t be afraid, and let your creativity show – paint your summer days with the brightest of hues!

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