How to Remove a Bottlecap with a Key

Imagine: you’re about to pop open a chilly one, if you notice, to your horror, that you just obtained nothing to pop it open with.


Imagine: you’re about to pop open a chilly one, if you notice, to your horror, that you just obtained nothing to pop it open with. Yes, it may occur to you. But the shortage of a bottle opener doesn’t have to imply the tip of your evening—simply attain that keychain. If you’ve obtained a home, automotive, bike lock, or any sturdy key, you’ve also obtained a bottle opener, and we’ll present you with how to use it. And in case you left your keys at your residence? We’ve nonetheless obtained you lined with a few different artful bottle-opening methods. Sláinte!

Things You Should Know

  • Slide the enamel of a sturdy key beneath the cap’s ridges, then twist the important thing till the cap pops off.
  • Use the tip or enamel of the important thing to pry the ridges of the bottle cap away from the bottle, and repeat in which across the sides of the cap.
  • Use a belt buckle, the sting of a countertop, or a door latch as makeshift bottle openers.

Method1: Popping

1 Grab the bottleneck with your non-dominant hand. Wrap your index finger across the prime of the neck, shut to the cap, and maintain the bottle securely so that it doesn’t slide in your hand if you push towards it. Don’t fear squeezing it too tight, a agency grip is sufficient

  • Anchor the underside of the bottle towards a tabletop or your thigh for added stability.

2 Position the enamel or tip of a key beneath the cap. This ain’t a job for a small file cupboard key or a dinky padlock key. Pick a robust, bigger key like an automotive key or a heavier home key. It’s finest to choose a key with several ridges on the tip—it’ll be simpler for it to get beneath the bottlecap’s ridges.

3 Twist the important thing upwards till you hear the beer bottle pop off. Move the important thing in your dominant hand so that you’re twisting the important thing up in your direction of you. It’s the identical movement you’d make in case you have been turning your automotive on. Your index finger will act as a type of fulcrum and add stress to the cap. Since the hot button is lodged beneath the bottle cap, the important thing will pry the cap open.

4 Try a completely different aspect of the cap if it didn’t pop off instantly. Depending on the bottle cap, the energy of your key, and your expertise with this methodology, the cap may not pop off on your first attempt. I watch doesn’t flip the bottle till a new part of the cap is dealing with you, and check out once more.[4]

  • This methodology works with any flat, robust object. If you don’t have a key, use a lighter, a coin, a steel spoon, or a flathead screwdriver.

Method2: Prying

1 Slide the enamel or tip of the important thing beneath the cap’s ridges. Hold the bottle firmly towards the highest. Then, place the enamel of the key beneath a few of the bottlecap’s ridges. Use your thumb to wedge them in a bit additional.

2 Twist the important thing till the ridge bends upwards. Twist the important thing backward and forwards gently however firmly till the bottlecap ridge begins to bend away from the mouth of the bottle. Hold the important thing so that it’s pointing away from you, and twist it similarly to you’d flip the ignition.[6]

  • If you possibly can’t get wherever utilizing the enamel of the important thing, use the very tip of the important thing as an alternative, and rock the remainder of the important thing over your thumb for leverage.

3 Turn the bottle a bit and repeat the method till the cap releases. Keep prying the important thing beneath the ridges, turning the bottle as you go. Eventually, all of the ridges securing the cap to the bottle will likely be launched and the cap will come off in your hand, otherwise, you’ll have the ability to simply pop the cap off with a little stress

Method3: Other Methods

1 Open the bottle towards the sting of a counter. Find a sturdy counter or railing, and place the lip of the bottlecap towards the nook of the counter. With your free (ideally dominant) hand, give the highest of the cap a good, downward whack, ensuring to goal for the sting of the cap that’s away from the counter. With a few tries and a few good goals, the cap will pop properly off.

2 Pop it open with one other bottle. Got a second bottle on hand? Well, now it’s a bottle opener. To open a bottle with one other bottle, flip the second bottle the other way up and place the lip of the cap beneath the lip of the primary bottle’s cap. Grab the neck of the upright bottle, putting your thumb slightly below the inverted cap. Then flip the upside-down bottle away from the primary, utilizing it as a lever towards your thumb to pry open the primary.
Note that now you’ve opened the primary bottle, you’ll have to use one other methodology to open the second.

3 Use the ring on your finger. Got a second bottle on-hand? For the following 20 seconds, that’s a bottle opener. Place your ring hand over the cap and slip the sting of your ring beneath the ridges of the cap. Then, pull your wrist downward so that your ring finger strikes upward, prying the cap away with it.

  • Note that this strategy could end in a little bruising, and it is best to transfer on to one other if it causes any discomfort to your finger.

4 Pry off the cap with a door latch. Do you know that little steel thingamajig on the doorframe that catches the door’s bolt? That’s a bottle opener. Stick the cap into the bolt gap, positioning it towards the sharp steel rim (so that the bottle is sideways. Then, merely flip the bottle away from you to open it as you’d with a regular bottle opener, and shortly flip it upright to keep away from spillage.

  • Make positive the steel {hardware} is sturdy and received’t bend beneath the torque of the bottle.
  • Grab a dish towel and maintain it beneath the bottle as you twist it to catch any foam.

5 Use your belt buckle as a bottle opener. The wonderful thing about belts is that they’ve buckles, and the good part about buckles is that they’re truly bottle-openers. Remove your belt and slip the bottle by way of it. Then, use your thumb to push one fringe of the buckle up towards the cap, and maintain the opposite edge down towards the bottle with your different fingers. Give it a little stress and, voila! Open bottle.

6 Open the bottle with scissors. What are scissors however sharp bottle openers? Hold the scissors as you usually would, and place one blade beneath the lip of the cap and the opposite flat on the prime of the cap, and twist

  • Practice warning right here—we don’t advocate this methodology for anybody who couldn’t go a breathalyzer.

7 Twist the cap off with a rubber band. Okay, so this one’s not a bottle opener a lot as a… bottle gripper? Wrap a thick rubber band across the cap of a bottle, and twist that sucker as laborious as you possibly can. It’ll most likely take an instant, however, finally, the twisting will loosen the cap and permit you to pry it off with your fingers.

8. Try This, a collection of simple tips to improve your life, fast.

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